Through the Looking Glass


Client: Eclectic Emporium Marketplace
Art Director/Photo Stylist: Anita Baills (Nature's Forge)
Photographer: Damian Herde (Fable Photography)
Model: Jac Parry


This artwork was commissioned by Anita Baills (Nature's Forge) for use in marketing collateral for the Eclectic Emporium markets and events.

It began with a photoshoot, styled by Anita, with model, Jac Parry, and photographer Damien Herde from Fable Photography.

The images were then passed on to me to create the artwork and imagine a fantasy landscape on this side of the 'looking glass'. 

The artwork was first composed in Photoshop, so that I could be sure that I was placing things correctly for the reflection to work. This was sent to the client for approval.

Next I created 2 watercolour artworks, the foreground and the background. These were created separately so that they background could easily be altered or even removed altogether as needed. 

Finally, the finished artworks were photographed and assembled in Photoshop, liaising with the client to achieve the look she wanted.