art supplies

Inky Experiments

Getting new art supplies is better than Christmas! ...well, almost. 

Recently I got a lovely new set of Ecoline Inks and Brush Pens from Royal Talens. I've been creating a few experiments with them, and I love them!! 

The inks have a really great consistency and the colours are so vibrant. And the pens are beautiful to work with and made me feel like a I could make beautiful lettering with very little effort. 

I'd love to experiment with a few more different ink colours and see how they mix. (Which just means another art supply 'Christmas present'  to myself, right?!) 

What I'm loving with these experiments is that I am working fairly quickly to create something quite simple (compared with my other work). But what's been surprising is that these simple, 'fast' experiments have turned out to be more interesting and exciting than some of the pieces I spend hours on!

So over to you - have you used Ecoline inks (or do you want to?). What did you think? And what other art materials are you keen to try?