Them Portraits

I must confess, I have quite a ‘thing’ for portraits, and painting my ‘selfie’ reminded me of this. In addition, my newfound boldness with using watercolour to create portraits has given me the drive to create a few more.


I have been working on these mostly in the evenings, after other client projects are done for the day and it’s time to relax. And I’ve often been working on them whilst watching ‘Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year’, a British show that aims to uncover a top portrait artist from the UK and Ireland each year. So it sort of feels like painting a portrait with a bunch of other artists who are also painting portraits… Or, at least, it’s super-inspiring!


With the addition of Stephen Fry’s portrait, I think this may well become a ‘People I Would Invite To Dinner’ series. - Now wouldn’t that be fun!

I’ve been creating these also to add to my portfolio, as I do hope to work on editorial commissions in the future for magazines and so on. - So if you know anyone I should submit my portfolio to, do let me know. ;)

I really do love watercolour - and I know I just want to create more and more with this wonderful medium.