New Enamel Pin!!


It's landed!! And don't let the snail shell fool you - this guy is FAST! He speed all the way here from the factory - my new DragonSnail Enamel Pin! 


He's the second member of my Proudly Different enamel pin series. This is a group of curious creatures (the first being Penny Farthing Fish) who remind us daily that it's okay to be different. You don't need to fit in with the crowd. You don't need to wear the latest fashion or do what's popular - just be you! And be proud of who you are! Proudly Different. 

I'm so pleased with how he turned out. He is created based on a watercolour illustration I made some time ago that illustrated the idea: "if life throws you a twist, just go with it". 

When you design an enamel pin, you make that design as accurate as possible, choosing the exact Pantone colours too. But there is still that part of you that has no idea of what the final product will look like. So when that little box finally arrives on your doorstep.... Well, let's just say I could have done an unboxing for my YouTube channel...... But I just couldn't wait!! I tore it open! And I was - and still am - so thrilled with the results. 

If you love him too, you can find him in my store. :) Each of the pins in this series are limited out of just 50.